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Website Redesign and SEO

Before you start your project you need to first decide on your SEO, what you have now and what you require for your redesigned website.

Have a checklist to help you structure your content correctly. It is important to combine your content plan with the technical execution in code.

Top 10 Principles of Good Web Design


- Obtain the current site's list of URLs. (XML Sitemap Checker can be used to assist)

- Ensure you add search engine friendly URLs for each page;

- Look at the top landing pages with Google Search Console

- Map focused or targeted keywords to URLs and create an SEO sitemap

- Look at parenting content, content silos, by either project categories or subject matters. This helps with usability and for search engines understand your website content. Ensure that the topic is not just on one page but mentioned on other pages.

- This means the URL structures also need to be done according to the content grouping, example

View more about Content Silos


- Write content that has small paragraphs, sub-headings, bullets, etc. and ensure meta titles and descriptions are done.

- Ensure top landing pages has quality content and SEO is in place.


- Ensure that the new website is setup with "no index" setting.

- Ensure outline structures for headings are done for search engines.

- Test mobile responsiveness

- Ensure all images has alt tags.

- Optimise images for load time.

- Create 301 redirects for any URL changes to existing content

- Create new xml sitemap

- Check the Robots.txt file and validate


- Activate the no index.

- Review Google Analytics goals

- Upload new XML sitemap

Hope this helps you redesign your website the right way.

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