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About SyberGrupe

Who we are

SyberGrupe is a Digital Marketing Agency with 25 years of Marketing and Digital experience.


Our first and foremost objective is to assist our clients to achieve their ultimate business goals.


We believe in an Omnichannel approach and prepare a strategic solution that is relevant, targeted and based on intelligence.  

Nothing is impossible! We use the latest technology and insights to create unforgettable user journeys from websites, mobile apps, and social media innovation.

We ensure that we apply our know-how and experience in various industries, search engine optimization, user

experience design, development, social media and strategy to collaborate in all areas of a digital experience to deliver on our client’s objectives. 


Our in-house development experts use the latest technology to translate the best-optimized website or app with the right structure and SEO best practices.

Why we do it?

SyberGrupe was established in 2012 when we identified a gap in the market to provide excellence to our clients focusing on integrity and honesty with every project we started.

It was identifying solutions for our clients for problems they experience with their digital presence, including website, digital marketing, and internal systems.

Our other services followed as social became a necessity and SEO a must so that we can continue providing solutions to our clients on all digital platforms.

Our passion to help has never changed, just technology has changed the direction.

How we do it?

It's all about the process that makes any strategy execution a success. It is our passion to see you grow and prosper.

Take a Brief

We take a brief

We ask What, Why, When 

We learn all about your business, your goals, your brand, your customer and your competitors.


We do the research

The trends, the market, the search

We find out what will be the best fit for your company in your market and what customers will search for to find you.

Start Design

We start designing

The Wow factor is revealing

We start with a design that is reflecting the company's brand and attracts new customers.


We start development

The functions are added

We implement the design and build all the nice functionality you need according to best practice.

We Deliver

We delivery

The handover and maintenance

You are absolutely impressed, we go live and we move forward to the next phase of the strategy.

Value / Hardwork

The greatest Team that cares

Nothing is impossible!

Amelia Nolte

Amelia Nolte

Business Analysis, Marketing Expert & Development

Amelia is the founder and CEO of the company. 

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Ruan Dreyer

Ruan Dreyer

Creative Director

Ruan creates your dream

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Renuan Bezuidenhout

Renuan Bezuidenhout

Technical Director

The Backbone of the Company

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Social Expert

Ensure you are connected with your Community

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