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Mobile App Design & Development

Mobile App
Design & Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

SyberGrupe specializes in mobile app design and development for Android and iOS with PhoneGap or Native technology, doing data integration or developing Admin Portals to manage the content.

1| App Design and Development

It’s important to understand the mobile application development process and how your app will fit with both your market niche and your marketing goals. With that said, here’s a look at the app development life cycle and the objectives and challenges along the way.

2| Discover and Market research


Although you have ideas for a mobile app, before you move into the design and development phase, your first step should be deeper research into your own business and target audience, as well as that of your competitors. 

What mobile app should accomplish?

What is your Target Audience?

How customers should use the APP?

What platform to be used?

What mobile application development language and framework to use?

Development budget?

Timeline and launch date?

Dots design

How will you market or promote your APP?

3| Establishing App Goals and Objectives

This is a crucial step in the planning phase of your mobile app. Once you’ve decided an app will advance important objectives in your mobile marketing scheme, you need to map out how your app will get you there.

What problem/s will your app solve for your customers?

What features will it include?

What is your app’s core appeal?

When it comes to prioritizing functionality, research shows that app design should focus on customer engagement over exclusive services.

4| Wireframes and storyboards

At this stage, a Scope of Work (SOW) should have been completed. The wireframes and storyboard will be created to add to the Functional Requirement Specification (FRS).

Incorporate your brand.

Focus on user experience.

5| The backend of your app development

Now it is time to determine the structure of your application, integrations, data structures, servers for hosting, push notification and App Store accounts. 

6| Prepare Prototype

Once your team has agreed upon the wireframe and storyboard, it’s time to finalise the design and build an interactive prototype. The mockups are to determine the flow and link activation and usability. All changes can then be done before the application development starts.

7| Development

The application development is divided into front end app development which addresses the 'look and feel' and button links and backend database and structure development.  If an Admin portal is developed it will be integrated to connect the content from the portal to the application.

8| Deployment

When the development has been completed and approved, the App is prepared to upload to the App Stores.

App Store Requirements

There are a couple of things required from the App Stores:

App Store accounts for Android and iOS

Client to provide Developer access to the accounts to SyberGrupe

App Icon to be confirmed (Various sizes required)

App Screenshots to be confirmed that will be used on the App Stores (Various sizes required)

App Store descriptions to be confirmed - Short description and Long description

Keywords that are relevant to the App and business

Apple Store requires approximately 5 days for approval

Android Store requires approximately 4 - 8 hours for approval

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