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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Generate quality leads & connect with customers through targeted marketing

In today's modern world where a whole chunk of life is digital, malls are the marketplace of the last century but now we are in an age of online shopping, and even online socializing. And without making comments on whether this is good or bad for society, marketing is affected by this, billboards and physical shops aren't enough anymore, you must have a digital version of your company, now this starts with a website as your digital office but then comes marketing so that people can find you.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process to manage content on your profile to engage with customers, to tell your company's story and reach people in doing so. Social media marketing is so much more than just posting products and specials posts, but by creating engaging content, communicating in the right tone and voice you could be giving people a window into your company for them to follow what you're doing and by this create brand loyalty and giving them a reason why they should be doing business with you.


To achieve this, you require to reach the right people through insights, a strategy and planning and we can help you with that.

  • Obtain the right audience to your website
    What you need to accomplish a truly successful social media marketing campaign, is to have a professional social media marking team on your side that understand your goals and objectives as a company. Look at it as the help to share your content, like articles, to customers on a regular weekly basis, with well thought through, well designed and well structured Social Posts and at the same time reach a new audience to interact with your company. This will then encourage people to share your content that they like with their social network and at the same time amplify your reach. ​ SEO always ties in with any content you share and on Social, it can increase your reach.
  • Build credible brand awareness
    Social Media networks have become the place for people to discover and love your brand, meaning that you can show your products and services to a huge number of people. ​ SyberGrupe's social media marketing services can ensure that you don't get lost in the crowd but that you get the brand recognition you need! ​ The key to success is a consistent social media presence and a brand's personality presented across all your channels. Just keep in mind that to achieving a well-defined social media presence will take time but will be rewarding to your business.
  • Maintain your online reputation
    People will comment on your brand, so it is a critical part of digital marketing success to maintain your online reputation and engage with negative comments to obtain the route of the comment and thanking people that have nice things to say about your business. By doing this you build relationships and people will remember how they felt when they received your response. "An online reputation, or e-reputation is the reputation of a company, person, product, service or any other element on the Internet and digital platforms. ​ This online reputation is impacted by the content a company distributes, the reactions of and interactions with people, activity on social networks, etc. ​ For e-commerce brands, online reputation is very important, as it can affect their online store’s credibility and visibility."
  • Include Influencers in the strategy
    To include influencers in the mix of your social media marketing, you can substantially increase your conversion rates. There are various ways to do that and our social media marketing service includes finding the right influencers for you.
  • Always monitor your competitors
    You can always have insights on the latest trends, new technology, new marketing tactics and what your competitors talk about, what articles they publish and what new products they launched. By monitoring your competitor's success you will have a better idea of how to adjust your strategy to improve.

SyberGrupe's approach to social media marketing in South Africa

Our social media marketing strategy includes the following:

Dots Design


Do in-depth analytics to determine the correct target audience.

Regular updates

Constant checking and updating performance.


Integration of your website and social media through blogs and web content.

Work relationship

Working closely with to ensure we are all aligned with the vision and goals.

Testing and changing

Continuous checking and adjusting to deliver growth.


Regular reporting on campaign performance and keeping you informed.

What does social media management services include?

1 | Audience Persona

Audience personas are determined by looking at the demographics of your audience, including their interests, fears, needs, and behaviours. Finding your audience pain points to address.

2 | Setting Goals and Objectives

Once you have an idea of who your audience is, you then need to identify key goals for your social media marketing efforts. The top goals are:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Website Traffic

  • Lead Generation

3 | Budgeting

With your goals set, now you need to determine how much money you can allocate to your social media marketing strategy. 

4 | Research

When a budget is set, now you need to do research for your campaign content and posting strategy. You can combine your own content and sharing other content and determine when you should post.

5 | Choose Platforms

To reach the maximum number of people it is wise to select multiple platforms but taking into consideration the purpose of each platform and the demographics of the targeted audience.

6 | Producing Content

To ensure optimal performance of content, you can consider visuals like images and videos, which are far more like to be shared. Use emotional aspects to create excitement, and then create content that addresses pain points. 

7 | Integration with Strategy

It is important to integrate your social media strategy into your bigger digital marketing strategy. Included are content marketing, PCP advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing.

8 | Tracking Analytics

Analytics is the most important part of improving your social media. it gives you a clear understanding of what worked and what did not work. Use both social media metrics and website analytics.

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