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SyberGrupe’s Web Design and SEO Services Reviewed on Clutch

Main Office in the heart of Randburg, South Africa, SyberGrupe is the perfect one-stop-shop service provider that you need for your design, development, and marketing needs. Since 2012, we’ve made our names synonymous with honesty, integrity, diligence, and quality. We may not be a big company, but we have the talent and experience needed to help you thrive.

Our services include:

● E-Commerce development

● UI/UX design

● Web design and development

● Pay-per-click

● Search engine optimization

● Social media marketing and so much more

We strive to help you reach your goals and achieve sustainable growth and ensure you are compliant with POPIA through our solutions and services. As we work hard to extend our reach globally, the news that we’re about to share with you excites us.

Just recently, a client of ours helped our team get started on Clutch and provided us with our very first online review. To give you more context, Clutch is an independent business-to-business rating platform that is widely revered in the IT, marketing, and business services industries.

Clutch is the home to a massive collection of client reviews, data-driven reviews, and agency rankings.

The Review

Our first review was written by Davis Sand, the CEO of Uwin Iwin Incentives, a Johannesburg-based full-service Incentive Programme provider, and it was published on the platform back on July 26, 2021.

The review highlights our team’s swift work on their website development and search engine optimization project that only ran from June to July 2021. Our team was tasked to redevelop their existing website to make it more SEO-friendly. We took care of the development, and the results are fantastic. By the end of the engagement, the client saw a staggering 40% increase in their search statistics almost immediately.

In the results sections, the client highlighted how agile our team was throughout the project. We managed to keep everything in check and our attention to detail helped everything remain organized. Ultimately, the client concluded that they have a positive working experience with us.

At SyberGrupe, we don’t just deliver great results, we also make sure that you have an amazing experience with us. We want to thank Uwin Iwin Incentives for this review. We highly appreciate you for taking the time to help us get started on Clutch. We can’t wait to continue our work on your future endeavors.


On that note, we want to seize this moment to encourage our other clients to take the time to review our services on Clutch. Your feedback won’t just help us gain traction on the platform but also help us identify opportunities for growth.

Moreover, SyberGrupe was also part of The Manifest’s 2021 B2B company list. The Manifest is an established business news platform that publishes how-to guides and shares B2B wisdom. According to their latest findings, SyberGrupe is one of the top 100 digital agencies in South Africa for the year.

This praise serves as an inspiration for us to rank even higher next year. We want to be globally recognized and this is a huge step forward to that. Looking for an all-around agency?

Contact us today and let’s get down to business. We’d love to hear about your digital marketing challenges.


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