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New Website Trends for 2019

Technology changes all the time and in 2019 is no different.

We taking a look at the new trends for Websites this year to make sure our clients are informed and can do what is required to be abreast, and ahead of their competitors.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single Page Application is a one page website that only need to display one focus point and is easier to navigate. They are designed to simplify a user experience and also to assist in the marketing effort of an individual service or Product.

Your messaging can be direct, and the offering rank higher on search engines. All you need to have on this page:

  • An incredible specific head banner message that describes your value proposition for this service or product.

  • About us

  • Services / Products (Only relevant to this one pager - not all your offerings)

  • Referrals / Ratings

  • News/Blog

You can have multiple Single Page Applications for different services or different product ranges that has a different market segment.


SPA presents a faster experience for the user with not waiting for re-rendering of the page. You can have any UX improvement that is better than the traditional workflow.

Secondly the server will consume less resources because focus is place on an efficient API instead of building the layout server-side.

This is also ideal for mobile apps that is developed on top of the API, as the existing server-side code can be reused.

SPAs can also with ease be transformed into Progressive Web Applications, which enables the prevision of local caching and support offline experiences.

Then developers can work better in teams with frontend developers focusing on creating the experience and backend developers focusing on the API.


SPAs are best used where SEO is not required. For example, apps that work behind a login. Search engines still have trouble with indexing sites built with a SPA approach. For instance with blogs, it is not advisable without a server rendered’ part as well.

A lot more attention will be required to possible memory leaks as a SPA might stay open for hours and can cause a slow experience.

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More Enriched Designs

Websites has been focusing on functionality and simplicity but there is an increasing shift towards the use of more images, animation and shapes in current designs. This is inspiring for UI designers to focus on more captivating graphics in 2019.

Push Notification

Mobile apps have brought tremendous successes with push notifications and now websites have adopted this critical component for special offers and promotions. Users have now quick access and better conversions are expected.

Responsiveness & Adaptability

Responsive and adaptable websites have now become a necessity to reach a wider audience because more web users are accessing websites now from their mobile devices. We are all trying to reach more people and the best way to adjust is to ensure your website is adaptable for mobile devices.


As data protection is more and more required, security needs to follow suite as cyber attacks are more aggressive than ever. Therefore, cybersecurity has become a very important part of any website development process.

Web Design Trends

Web design trends, techniques and tools for 2019. Read more

2019 will feature bigger typography, more video content, voice interfaces, and micro-interactions.

awwwards shows the best websites.

Website Accessibility

We need to start looking at making our website more accessible for those with disability. Here is some guidelines that can be followed to ensure your website is accessible.

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